Think of the next generation

For us, sustainability means that ecological, economic and social goals are implemented simultaneously and equally and are mutually dependent.

s part of our sustainability strategy Panther for Planet (previously "Panther pro nature"), the company is continuously aligned in all relevant areas of activity towards resource conservation, environmental protection, climate relevance and emission reduction. We define our own goals with foresight and take into account possible conflicts of interest between environmentally conscious action and the quality of all products and services.

Based on a long-term orientation, we always strive to make a contribution to protecting and preserving the environment (soil, air and water) and to specifically minimize our own CO2 footprint. Various measures such as the conscious use of energy and materials, as well as the commissioning of the most modern machines already support us on the way to an emission-free future. By consciously working with sustainability-oriented companies like us, we can ensure that every step within the value chain of our products takes place with sustainability in mind.

Panther has joined the global initiative SBTi, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees according to the Paris Agreement. In addition, we are committed to halving today's emissions and achieving net-zero emissions by 2040.


Pillars of Sustainability


Conscious use and protection of resources

  • Conserving natural resources, conscious use of water, energy and finite raw materials to protect people and the environment
  • Improving the ecological footprint (CO2 reduction)


Sustainable business

  • Increase in efficiency and effectiveness
  • Earning Profits
  • Long-term business security
  • Creation of long-term jobs and general prosperity


Fair trade

  • Promotion of social commitment
  • Education and training for free professional development
  • A sense of responsibility towards people and the environment