Panther Print with lightweight paper continues on the resource-saving path

Panther Print has defined targets and measures to make its contribution to protecting and preserving f the environment, which is the daily intention. One of the possibilities is, for example, the reduction of packaging materials, i.e. a reduced grammage using lightweight papers.

White, coated and uncoated lining papers with a grammage of 100 g/sqm are available for high-quality printed packaging. This can be printed with up to 48 lines/inch. These are ideal print media for flexo preprint, on which the desired motifs can be mapped according to specifications. In addition, the flute or corrugated board is less stressed when preprinting rolls, so that the same technical properties can be achieved with lightweight papers as with higher-grammage papers in postprint. This means that you can benefit from the flexo preprint process on lightweight corrugated board paper, especially when environmentally conscious action is a high priority, as with Panther Print.

Based on this solutions both economic and ecological advantages can be achieved. With the flexo preprint process (roll form), the grammage of the paper can be reduced, which leads to cost savings and at the same time to a lower CO2 footprint due to the reduction in the tonnage.