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Flexo-preprint in perfection

At the gates of Berlin in the centre of Europe, the Panther Group operates one of the most modern flexo-preprint production facilities. Panther Print, the innovative, creative flexo-preprint company, manufactures high-quality preprinted papers for packaging and displays, for furniture made from corrugated board and for other areas of use.

From printing simple motifs to very challenging overall designs, Panther Print achieves brilliant print results and (as well as graphically printed pre-products) uses surface finishing and special coatings to impart additional visual and functional properties to the subsequent packaging and displays.

The first 8-colour plus varnish flexo-preprint machine was installed at Panther Print. The machine has a working width of 2.80 metres servo motor driven with a maximum production speed of 600 m/min.

The plant is fitted with an innovative Smart-GPS-controlled setup system. Therefore our flexo-preprint machine works significantly faster and more productively. It allows us to produce medium-sized and large print runs with a quality comparable to that of litho laminating.

Panther Print

Further processing to packaging and displays

The focus is on the subsequent end products – such as packaging and displays – created by further processing the printed and finished liner papers.

Panther Print, together with all the other companies in the future-oriented Panther Group, know the requirements applying to further processing by corrugator plants, and have the know-how about downstream process chains such as packing plants, make-up, logistics, retail etc.

That’s why the competences already start before the production phase in the printing plant, and extend all the way to recycling the used product.


Panther pro nature

The Panther Group is a family business that attaches the greatest importance to leaving the smallest possible CO2 footprint. It begins with using renewable raw materials, exclusively water-based inks, and construction materials that are as plastic-free as possible to avoid microplastics and promote climate protection.

By practicing energy recovery and state-of-the-art technologies, Panther Print aims at a most climate-friendly production operation, but without compromising the quality of its products in any way.

Excellent know-how in all areas

Various certifications reaffirm the Panther Group’s ability to operate at the highest level in relation to quality, the environment, sustainability and energy. For our customers, that means a high level of know-how, safety, security and reliability in all respects. Although certifications are the official proofs of our competence, confirmation of the high level of quality of our goods and services is demonstrated much more by our customers’ long-standing loyalty and satisfaction.

As part of a supply chain, Panther Print always aims at production to the highest standards. As well as perfect results, we also attach particularly great importance to environmental protection and resource conservation. That’s why Panther regards Print Recycling as a central component of our processes.

Certifications: ISO 9001 Quality · ISO 14001 Environment · ISO 50001 Energy · FSC®